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Website templates on 100web meet all needs of all types of enterprises.

A site with various appearances to choose, providing professional websites in a quick website building.

Finish your project with genuine elements from 100Market

Founded in 2014, 100web is known as the e-commerce platform expert in enterprise website building.

It has gathered the first round of financing with over ten million RMB from Forebright in April 2018. 100web, 100Audio, 100image, and 100wa constitute genuine digital products market-100Market.

100web is designed especially for page builders, and you can create websites with any page builder you prefer. A one-stop service experience sparks your creative projects.


Add emotion, energy and impact to your projects with music and sound effects for films, games, trailers, promos, podcasts, backgrounds and more!


Produce slick videos and motion graphics with a huge range of stock footage. After effects logos and intros, Apple Motion templates and more !


As a commercial photography e-commerce platform, 100image has special functions of displaying and searching works. With 100image, the sales of photography works will be more efficient!


100web can satisfy and facilitate all companies. One site, various versions to be selected!

Products Highlights

Rich templates and materials library

7 color systems, 60+ industry coverage, 2000+ templates, 100000+ photos in library;

Presented by senior designers with 3+ years experiences, polished in 8+ processes, with original craftsmanship;

Authorized by designers to effectively protect design copyright ;

Updated daily to keep track of aesthetic trends.

Easier Operation with 70 Plugins

70+ plugins, such as pictures, text, members, e-commerce, form, maps, online consultation, videos, etc. Let you think as you want, and move with your heart;

Just drag and drop, no programming required. Easy as PPT operation;

10+ picture effects, more convenient to design pictures, make your products stand out and impress your customers.

Business Marketing

Support global, single-page, individual articles and product SEO settings to effectively improve search engine’s inclusion and ranking of websites;

30+ superior marketing tools and promotion methods, such as group purchase, spike, bargain, etc., effectively expand your business’s traffic and order volume and change the traffic to sales volume;

10+ popular customer service tools, including Baidu Shangqiao online service, etc., to facilitate real-time interactive consultation with your customers, quickly improve the industry rate and transaction conversion rate;

A variety of data analysis statistical tools, traffic, performance analysis is under control.

E-commerce Function

Support Alipay, Wechat and other mainstream payment methods, internal staff and external member permissions are all assigned by you in the provided member management system; 

Expand rapidly your sales network and distributors with the new Three Level Distribution Mode;

Make your products and services reach customers efficiently with management of product, order, logistics and distribution under control.

Website Security, Operation and Maintenance

Fully guarantee the security and stability of the website, and the speed of opening webpages;

HTTPS is supported to prevent websites from being hijacked, tamper-proof, and anti-monitoring. Customers trust you more.

Perfect User Experience on 100web

We know the importance of website for sale and brand exhibition, so we offer you the most specialized design. Small changes will make big differences to your website.

High Efficiency

Own and use your website within 5 minutes after purchasing.

Visualized Effects

Preview each site by phone and computer before purchasing. What you see is what you will get.

Dispense with Coding Technique

Templates could be modified as you wish, requiring no coding technique.

Page Structure

Web templates on 100web are designed by professional designers from all over the world. Set up your website only by replacing a few comments.

Our philosophy: save your time and optimize your efficiency.

Setting up a website is as simple as a knight through butter.


Search & Preview

Quickly lock your required site templates by searching and previewing online.





7 Days Free Trial

Select and confirm a website template for 7 days free trial, then receive our trail account within 5 minutes.

After 7 days, the trial account will be automatically invalidated. You could purchase it on 100web if you want to continue using it.


Purchase & Apply

100web will provide the corresponding website account within 5 minuets after successful payment.

The same strong security method as that of “Jingdong” and “Taobao” is provided.


Operation & Maintenance

Maintenance services are provided by 100web to keep your website running smoothly.


Apply your pre-built site

We provide site models for all types of businesses such as agents, digital marketing, charities, jewelry stores, hairdressers, wine shops, etc. Once your purchase is complete, make your own website.







The best compatibility

100web is designed specifically for page builders. You can create a website with any page builder you prefer.


Container settings

This is custom heading element

Title settings

Fully loaded with the title layout, it contains 8 different title layouts, which will definitely help you create the website you need.

Footer settings

We well know that the footer plays an important role n creating any website. Therefore, we offer 8 different combinations of columns to mage the content the way you want.

Fully customizable


You can change the width if the sidebar and its alignment (left, right sidebar) according to your website requirements. These settings for the entire site can be modified from a single location as well as pages, blogs and archives alone.

Page Layout

The theme contains a page layout with four different column combinations. You can modify, hide and reorder post-elements, post excerpts/content, pagination and featured images. All settings can also be used to publish a single page.。

Preloader and scroll to the top

You can also scroll to the top as needed using the website preloader. The theme provides usability to use tour own logo as a preloader.

All is ready

Create a perfect store like 100web.

Color and typesetting

Adjust color and layout as needed. The theme provides complete control over typography and color and background.



 Hello world ! I have created this website to show you artist and a technician.
We believe good ideas deserve a chance to grow. We believe people deserve to earn a living doing what they love. We believe in making it easy to get things done.



Everyday a lot of people from all over the world choose to use 100web. We provide a wide range of needs: advertising, film, games or shopping malls websites building. 100web is a fast, simple and diversified platform.

Building websites has become a relaxing thing.



We take a long term view of our business and focus on creating value. While we have a healthy appreciation for the bottom line, we are building a sustainable business that creates wealth for many, not just money for some.



In my opinion this is the greatest advance of music since it’s creation and is the most outstanding site on the market.

Our vision

Affiliated to Shanghai Spark Network Technology Co., Ltd.,100web is a company dedicated to the creation of digital works and also keens to help creators from all over the world. 100web hopes to replace fussy traditional digital products marketplace with a new e-commercial model, which is more efficient and with lower price.